What's coming up...

Autumn Term 2019

Parents are reminded to make a note of open events hosted by our local primary schools. Follow web links from our LINKS page.

Open Morning Friday 6th September 2019 9am - 11am 

Open Morning Friday 8th November 2019 9am - 11am  Open day poster 2019

Village walks, woodland exploring and play park challenges.

Forest School with Sutton Primary: Every 1st Thursday, monthly.

Harvest, baking and cooking activities.

Gardening - replenishing outdoor pots and growing cress indoors.

Halloween party at our Friday 25th October Preschool &Toddlers session. 9 - 11am

Halloween poster 2019.

Christmas Fair Sun 1st December 2019 12noon - 3pm, date advertised in November.

Trip to Sutton  on the Forest Primary School to watch their Christmas Play.

Preschool & Toddler Christmas Jumper & party session Friday 13th Dec, 9 - 11am £2 entry Plus £1 donation to Save The Children.

Christmas lunch at Sutton Primary school.

Preschool Children's Christmas party & Father Christmas visit Wednesday 18th December ( preschool children only)

Visit the church to set up the nativity scene and linking up with our Mothers Union friends.

Winter walks 

Spring Term 2020

Start transition group, weekly session at school.

Valentine & New Year activities in sessions.

Open Morning Poster Feb 14th 2020

Open Morning March 20th 2020, 9:30 - 11am

Mothers Day activities inc a visit from our Mothers Union ladies

Easter Party & Egg hunt at our Friday Preschool & Toddlers session.

Summer Term 2020

Father's Day activities.

Huby & Sutton Show craft activities & competition entries

Child Assessments 

Annual summer trip to Monk Park Farm 

Open Day 

Sutton School Summer Gala 

Sports activity morning 

Preschool Social - Evening Meal 

'Leavers Ramble' afternoon Monday

End of term party 

End of tern Toddlers Friday 

What's been happening...

Jan 2020 Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter.2019

Summer Newsletter 2019

Spring Newsletter 2019

May 2019

Ofsted rated Good with Outstanding Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

We were Ofsted inspected at the end of the spring term and are thoroughly delighted with the outcome; the full report is now available for
all to read by following the Ofsted link

The summer term is now underway and our rising 5’s who are due to start school in September are all attending transition sessions at
Sutton School. These sessions are going from strength to strength and that’s all down to our exceptional working partnership with school. Head teacher, Mrs Pye and her team go above and beyond to accommodate us at every opportunity. So, a huge thank you to them. School invite us to occasions such as Christmas lunch, school performances, open days and we’ll be at their summer fayer again this year on July 7th. At transition sessions we join class 1 on Monday afternoons throughout the spring and summer terms. We share activities, explore the school and start developing independence in this exciting new environment. The children get to know the teachers and assistants, they start building friendships with older peers and become very confident in the school setting. By the time they start school in September this next step is not such a big one after all, for children or parents. Instead, they settle quickly and enjoy a great start to primary education.

The summer term at preschool is one of growth. In the garden our flowers and herbs are lush and beautiful. The veg patch is also looking
good with flowering strawberries promising a sweet bounty and the potatoes are leafing up and looking healthy. The children are outside a lot, exercising and building strength and dexterity as they play. Personal, social & emotional development is also nurtured and grown, enabled by a strong and well-established staff team. Well-being is important for all of us throughout our life and this
is something we invest a lot of care and attention into at Preschool. 

In the last few weeks the children have practiced mark making, writing, drawing and labeling. They draw pictures and adults help them

express their stories, ideas and descriptions. They have been building, constructing and working out how to turn ideas into models and games. We have been exploring shapes, size and measuring in a range of activities that encourage and motivate thinking and problem solving.

Looking forward we are getting ready for the Huby & Sutton Show and can promise lots of lovely entries in the children’s craft section as well as the communal frieze entry. We have our annual trip to Monk Park Farm booked and we’ll also be out and about in and around the village for rambles and adventure. Another thank-you goes out to church; we make use of the church room for several occasions through the year and the children have come to recognise it as a sign that we are doing something new and exciting when we go there. So yes, we really appreciate being able to use this lovely facility. 

Our Toddlers stay & play is every Friday during term times 9-11am and our next Open Day is Friday 5th, July 9:30-11am 

November 2018 Sutton on the Forest Preschool has enjoyed a fabulously fun and thoughtful first term and we would like to share some what we have been doing with you. 

  We promote health and happiness at Preschool, inspired by the HENRY incentive. Sharing and enjoying food together has developed a great attitude to exploring new foods, understanding what healthy food is and enjoying it. We have grown food together and our strawberries and potatoes were a great success this year. We have cooked, baked, chopped and stewed and our snack times are like visiting our favourite café with our best friends. We would also like to praise our parents for sending their children to preschool with well balanced packed lunches that perfectly supports their development of healthy eating habits. Of course, with all that fuel in us we need to vent that energy and build strong bodies. Based at the Village Hall we are very lucky to not only have great outside space but also a great indoor space. The large hall enables lots of opportunity for movement and regular, easy access to dancing, ring games, soft play, obstacle courses, action songs and one of our more recent developments, kids’ yoga which has proved very popular. Not content with all that we have been out and about in the village to enjoy the changing season on walks, rambles though the wood and playing in the park.

This term we have linked up with the village hall committee to share in the Remembrance of lost service men and women. This has been an new subject to explore with our young children and they have shown lots of interest as we have researched uniforms, medals, and the
roles people have played. We have explored aircraft and how it has developed over 100 years, medical developments and the roles of animals in war. We have been particularly keen to look at dogs and how they continue to be invaluable assets in their service to people. If anyone has access to such as a guide dog or service trained dog, we would love to hear from you to arrange a visit.

Our new starters have settled well, we take time to get to know new children by sharing play and talking to parents. We provide activities we know they are interested in and we are particularly proud of our 3 & 4 year olds who take on a buddy role by helping and setting good examples for our younger children to follow.

As we head towards Christmas the excitement builds, we have plans to visit Sutton on the Forest Primary School to share Christmas lunch with them and watch their nativity. We will also visit them to sing carols around their Christmas tree and they will visit us to share books and inspire us with their reading skills. We have strong links with the School and it gives great opportunities for preschoolers to become comfortable and familiar with the school environment, older pupils and teachers. Not all our families have chosen which primary school they wish their child to progress onto, but this is still a broadening and confidence building experience that benefits them all.

Our Christmas fair is on Sunday 2nd December and we hope to see lots of old and new friends there supporting this fun &
festive fundraising event.

We run a parent/carer and toddlers’ group on Friday mornings 9-11am which gives a great opportunity for prospective families to see what our Preschool looks and feels like, but everyone is welcome even if you do not intend to make use of our Preschool. On Friday 30th November our Mothers Union ladies will join us to make the advent wreath for church as well as individual arrangements for children to take home. It will be a lovely opportunity for them to meet some of our parents with babies and toddlers and a nice activity to share if you have not visited us yet. 


A fabulous time was had by all at Monk Park farm. The weather was glorious and the children really enjoyed looking at and feeding the animals.


We were lucky to have a visit from the Mother's Union ladies. The children made spring flower posies for mothers day.


Sutton on the Forest Preschool would like to say Thank-You for the generous donations given to us by The Huby & Sutton Gardening Club,our local Country Women and The Gowans Trust. The monies are much appreciated and have funded a replacement playhouse along with some lovely accessories, gardening tools and resources that make us look forward to the next growing season, some bug exploring boxes so we will know what might like to nibble on the vegetables we grow and also some outdoors construction resources.

Looking forward, over the next month and beyond the Mothers Union ladies Olivia, Pam, Chris & Mary will visit again soon to make the advent wreath for Sutton Church, plus the children will make individual ones to take home. 

Next year we look forward to welcoming the Gardening Club to inspire some more growing and plant care in our children.It’s wonderful to have this support from our village and community. Providing a rich and stimulating learning environment for our Preschool children is something we love to do and these donations and support directly enable this, so A Big Thank-You from us all.

More pictures to see in our gallery :)