Lunch Club

We offer a Lunch Club session after each morning Preschool session, running from 12pm to 1pm. You need to supply your child with their own packed lunch – no sweets, chocolate or nuts please. Ice blocks are recommended to keep any cool items fresh. Your child’s lunch box needs to be handed in to the supervisor at the hatch, so they can be added to the register for Lunch Club that day. The children’s day water bottles will be given out before they start lunch. After your child has finished their lunch a variety of activities will be available to them, prior to home time or the afternoon session starting. Lunch Club costs £4.25 per day. This can be paid on a daily, weekly or half termly basis.

We would prefer that Lunch Club be paid for as part of the half termly fee’s bill if possible as it helps plan staffing levels, but it can be used on an ad-hoc basis if required.